best schools in etobicoke

For many families, finding a home in a good school district is important. Aside from superior opportunities for education, the best schools in Etobicoke also increase the value of homes in the neighbourhood.

Etobicoke has an extensive selection of schools, including 51 Public and 31 Catholic Elementary Schools. Each school has fixed attendance boundaries that you must live within to be eligible to attend. This means it’s important to do your homework before selecting your home.

Criteria for the best schools in Etobicoke

  1. Consistent academic results

  2. A variety of extra curricular activities

  3. Size and demographics of the school

  4. Opportunity for parent involvement

  5. Proximity of school to your home

You can check out how a particular school has done in Ontario’s standardized testing or EQAO right here. The Fraser Institute also ranks EQAO results for all schools that have both junior and middle school classrooms. (schools that go from grade 1-8). You can check out a particular school ranking here:

Best schools in Etobicoke

I meet with families everyday and often hear about their experience with different schools in the area. Here are six elementary schools (in no particular order!) that are highly regarded in South Etobicoke.

  1. Norseman JMS School

    • Located in Norseman Heights neighbourhood (The school’s catchment area also includes The Queensway)
    • Consistent strong reputation for being a well-rounded large community school
    • Recently received $6 million in additional funding to support expansion to accommodate the growing student population
    • Over 700 students
    • GR JK – 08
  2. Holy Angels Catholic School

    • Located in the Queensway neighbourhood
    • Consistently rated the top academic schools in all of Etobicoke
    • Recently added fixed boundaries so you must live in the school catchment area to attend tis school
    • 410 Students
    • GR JK – 08
  3. Sunnylea Junior School

    • Located in Sunnylea neighbourhood
    • A small charming community school with under 300 students
    • GR JK – 05
  4. Christ the King Catholic School

    • Located in the Long Branch neighbourhood of Kipling and Lakeshore
    • High academic standards combined with active parent involvement
    • Over 250 sutdents
    • GR JK- 08
  5. Seventh Street Public School

    • Located in the New Toronto neighbourhood
    • Strong academic standards in this transitional neighbourhood
    • 200 students from diverse backgrounds, speaking 16 different languages
    • GR – JK-05
  6. Lampton Kingsway

    • Located in the prestigious Kingsway neighbourhood
    • Long standing reputation for community involvement and academic excellence
    • Over 550 students
    • Gr JK-08